China White vs. Coliseum

Every year you get many tourists visiting the Broward country area and the Southbeach area of Miami. You also get lots of people who are looking to move from New York, Ohio, Michigan, Chicago, and many other U.S. cities hoping for that dream place to live in exotic Ft Lauderdale or Miami. They normally turn to Miami and find out that scene is just to freaky and pleases the straight females more than it does the twinks who really have no where to go. There used to be a place called Coliseum which had the hottest college boys in Ft. Lauderdale every Friday night. There was never a Friday you did not see hundreds of super-hotties. Then came hurricane Wilma and the destruction of the Copa night club down the street from Coliseum where they would loose parking. From what used to be a small gay strip where you could walk drunk from Copa to Coliseum that is not part of the past.

Coliseum suffered from its sound system, lighting, and maybe some personnel changes which led it to a lesser hot spot over the past year. I remember the hottest days of Coliseum they had boxes setup in the middle of the dance floor with hotties grinding to the hottest house music a DJ could play. They opened up that hip hop room and that seems like its lead to so many problems including shootings. My opinion is that hip hop should be played to an extent at a gay bar/club and not in access of the diva gay house music.

The Daisy D show Friday night was noting impressive like I was used to seeing. She came out in some African garb I guess to cater to the bootie dancers. They had some man up there singing some club songs before the Daisy show. The vocals were not very good and he sang for way too long. The place cleared out pretty good after that. Daisy’s show was mostly about the Shake your booty contest which was the typical ghetto shaking that belongs in straight clubs. I am not sure if Paul Hugo still runs this place but I can’t believe he has let it run into such a ghetto place. I really felt like I was at a club in the south side of Oklahoma City instead of the hot club it used to be.

China white is where the majority of the 21 and up crowd are running to on Friday nights for Fag Fridays which is basically he same people you see there on Wednesday. China White has no cover and actually serves alcohol until 3am instead of the new Hollywood law that requires Coliseum to quit serving at 2am.

China white has the smallest dance floor I have ever seen in a club. I have seen bars with bigger dance floors. It is located in the middle of the straight breeding grounds of the Los Olas Riverwalk next door to Dennis Rodman’s Rehab and Voodoo Lounge. China White is just too light up and cheesy to be a gay bar. They would go from playing hip hop to Michael Jackson and no real good house music. The DJ was not the worst but in a cheesy den like China White you do not have too much choice in the music.

I hope that Paul Hugo develops something to get the Ft. Lauderdale gay scene back. Maybe even building a club in Wilton Manors near Rosey’s.

Here’s a few tips on China White: Make sure you walk across the train tracks and do not get stuck behind a train. Their will be one or two at least coming through. You will be waiting forever. Also, don’t expect big drinks. Their cups are so small they are like the kiddie drink cups you get at McDonalds.

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