18 and up Gay Club in NYC?

If you have not heard by now the only 18 and up club in NYC for the gays was at 579 6th Avenue called Club Rush or Heaven is now closed. This is not anything new though they closed down New Years Day and do not plan on re-opening this time around. We have been getting messages asking if there is a gay club open in NYC for Spring Break this year and the answer is “sort of”. The only night that is 18 and up is Splash with DJ Steve Sidewalk the same DJ who spun at Heaven Saturdays. This is the only night that caters to the minors though and it is not exactly the busiest because it is really not that promoted because Splash is remodeling. Although there seems to be lots of minors finding their way into the 21 and up clubs such as XL Nightclub using emergency id’s from China Town which we may not recommend but hey it’s worth a try isn’t it?

Be careful at XL Nightlub they are very strict with Vegas type security although the bathrooms there are to die for. If you try going to the old address of 579 6th Avenue you will come to a gated door and no sign or anything of life. It’s too bad that NYC no longer has anywhere college students can go on the Weekends or busier weekdays to dance especially during Spring Break.

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