Drinking and Driving? Think Again.

When you live in a city where everything is not done by taxi this list might give you a few tips you can use.  When I was in Vegas a few weeks ago I noticed lots of people being pulled over for DUI or DWI.  Vegas is normally know for more cab fares but rental cars can save money unless you get pulled over. You just have to use your instincts I guess when it comes to knowing what you will get into drinking that night even on vacation. This is more of a survival guide than a top ten list when it comes to going out drinking and what to watch out for or do to have less drama.

Keep in mind I’m not giving out advice to drink and drive or to get so intoxicated that you can’t stand up straight.  I do know many get DWI’s who do not deserve it who have had only a few drinks.  Some police officers use drinking and driving to pull over expensive looking cars so they will get overtime when the DWI/DUI goes to court.  You have to know your rights and know how to act when you do plan on a night of drinking.

Recently, a big scandal has broken out between the Austin Police and the gay bars in Austin. I first designed these tips to help prevent something bad happening from the findings of their DWI survey for that area. These tips can be used in any city not just in the big cities of  Texas,  Los Angeles (think Heather Locklear and Lindsey Lohan), Orlando, Anywhere, USA this can apply.  You may not like these tips but here they are:

  1. Dance it off. Afterhours are the best cure for not drinking and driving.  The jerks making it hard to get dance permits could prevent most of the drinking and driving by allowing dancing until at least 4am.  If you’re going to Oil Cans on a Saturday you can stay dancing I think until 3:30am or 4am.  That’s an hour at least to dance your ass off and detox… much better than what the police officers have to offer.
  2. If you’re going to get drunk then rent a hotel room (in advance) but be careful walking to it you could get public drunk.  They are obviously on ALERT for the Austin gay bars.  You might be able to get a room at the bathhouse or a hostel if the hotel is too expensive (you probably can’t get a room anywhere without prior reservations if you are too intoxicated or you could be their liability).
  3. Drink a Red Bull before you leave the club.  The first thing police do when they pull you over is flash a bright flashlight in your face – a Red Bull can help take out some of that drunken glare.
  4. Change your route back or goto an afterparty on the way home (i.e. The department stopped 7,000 drunk drivers with the majority of them being at Mopac and Interstate 35.)  Better yet, find a trick to go home with and spend the night lol.
  5. Take your gay flag, pride and Obama signs and stickers off your car.  Sorry but you will stick out like a sore thumb on the road and they do “profile” you no matter what you think.  Hey, this might also keep your car from being keyed.  There are some crazies out there.
  6. You know that wrist band the club gives you or stamp on your hand.  Before you leave the clubs take it off and lick your other hand to rub the stamp off completely before getting into a car driving or even with someone else driving.  Some clubs that are smart to this profiling will know to have door people cut the bands off when patrons leave at 3am or 2am.
  7. Make sure all your inspection stickers and car tag is up to date.  If you can’t afford to keep this shit up to date then you should not even be on the road.  Wait until your welfare check comes in to go clubbin.  Your priorities should be better managed =)
  8. Make sure you are not in semi-drag if you are driving on bare tires.  I’ve heard too many stories of fem boys getting flats because they did not take care of their tires and when you’re standing out there in drag like an elephant in a church with the smell of alcohol then you can expect an expensive tow and a free trip to jail.
  9. If you do get pulled over then respect the officer.  Most of them drink – I know I have partied and done charity events and many other things (*wink*) with them.  Don’t be defensive or try and be mouthy to them.  Say Yes Sir, No Sir you know like you are in some sort of bondage thing.  They are doing their job in most cases and may even have a quota to meet so don’t be one of the “numbers” be 2,000% respectful.
  10. Beware of Wannabes.  A big problem with any club or bar are the “rent-a-cops”.  They are always worse than a real police officer because they have major ego problems and almost anyone who has went to clubs has had a problem with one of these kinds.  They may be mad at the world because they could not get a job with the real police force or mad because they have to deal with drunks and have not gotten laid in months who knows.  Don’t try and make friends with these people just stay away and keep your mouths shut and don’t run from the rentals.  Keep in mind you can sue their private company later if they do something wrong.

No one gets a free get out of jail card.  This is not a monopoly game.  Ask Boy George, Paris Hilton, and Britney Spears on that one.

NOTE:  This site is not here to give legal advice and this is not legal advice but more for entertainment purposes.  All Content is the property of GayPartyblog.com.

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