Austin’s Oil Can Harry’s and Rain Top DWI List

According to a new list released last week the top Austin bars blamed for drinking and driving come from Downtown Austin. More specifically Oil Can Harry’s and Rain topping the list located in the towns Warehouse district. Supposedly, The Austin Police Department conducted a survey when people got pulled over for DWI suspicion and these were the results.

It’s obvious from this new report coming out of the Austin Police Department that they are either focusing on the traffic from the gay bars or exaggerating the numbers to make rid themselves of gay money in downtown Austin. Austin is one of the most beautiful cities in the country and the gay scene there is definitely worth fighting for. The conservatives in Austin are most likely not happy with the liberals walking around downtown and want to put a stop to it. I noticed lots of ghetto people fighting and raging towards each other over on the “Mardi Gras” street next to the Gayer street on 4th. Police are flat out confused if they say that Oil Can’s and Rain are the problem.

It does not take an expert to tell that the drunken pinheads fighting each other in the streets (maybe they are not driving somehow) on the streets next to 4th are absolutely not coming from Rain or Oil Cans. Then again if the patrons are being pulled over this often from the two gay establishments then they need to either quit drinking so much and making the bars look bad or they need to blame it on another establishment they went to the same night (if they actually get the choice).

Parking is hell down on the 4th and 6th streets anyway in Austin. I recommend car pooling with a designated driver or just cabbing it when you go out in Austin. If you visit Austin then get a hotel downtown that is walking distance to the bars – do not drive to a hotel to save a few dollars. Yes, hotels are expensive in Austin for some freak reason as expensive as hotels in Vegas or on the beach in Florida (why?? I still have not figured out – possibly from all the conventions in Austin and Football games, etc).

The police do not want to scare off the drunken football goers (the tourism) who come to the UT games but they want to make sure people calm down on the drinking and driving from the downtown area. This may be the reason they used the gay bars as the talking points.

If your going to OCH – Oil can Harry’s or Rain then drink less alcohol and drive less.  Drink more water and red bull.

Top 10 list of things to consider when drinking and being alert.

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