Free Fleshlight Party?

As we reported a few weeks ago the nightclub scene in Oklahoma City has started to take off again. I was there for their Boys Gone Wild party and it was out of control. Next weekend May 19, Angles plans on having a blackout type party where they give out Fleshlights to everyone at the door. OK, I am only kidding about the Fleshlights, but that would be fun right? They are really handing out Flashlights (not the sex toys but the ones that light up) but it will still be fun.

Is that not a good idea for a nightclub to have a Fleshlight promotion? Or is that too naughty of an event? They could get them to sponsor it just like Red Bull sponsors events. Maybe the Hustlaball event works best for this.

Speaking of Fleshlights you can get one at and get free shipping. This sale ends up being cheaper than buying it on the fleshjack or sites.

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been there done that. and i wanna do it again in a better way.

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