Hustlaball Vegas Party with Brent Corrigan, Josh Vaughn, Chi Chi La Rue

Hustlaball 2007 was definately a blast. We did not make it to the pool party since it was shut down by the ATF or police. I have heard several rumors on this and not sure the real cause for the pool party to be shut down. It was too cold to be out running around in skimpy outfits anyway.

brentcorrigan-joshvaughn-kissing-krave-sm2.JPGThere were many hotties at the Hustlaball event as you can imagine. Brent Corrigan, Josh Vaughn (pictured below in a pose like they are making out), Pierre Fitch, and Ralph Woods (pictured below) are some of the hot twink stars to name a few. There were also celebrities including dj and porn producer Chi Chi La Rue and comedian Bruce Vilanch. The entertainers were Raven O and some others that I was not familiar with but enjoyed watching their backup dancers.

We suffered through a cold front that took us by surprise but there were also some wonderful surprises we did not expect. Chi Chi La Rue did a fabulous job spinning at the Skin Trade party where she promoted her Channel 1 Releasing on Thursday night before the Hustlaball party. It was my first time to hear her spin and I loved it. Britney Spears even made an appearance at the closing party. It was definately the best event so far this year.

I apologize for the small pictures. I will have to fix this when I get back home. This internet connection is not cooperating with me! I will have more posted on later this week.
Pierre Fitch, Ralph Woods

Hustlaball Event

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  1. i am one of the avid fans of Bent Corrigan and i really want to see him in person and i want to kiss him..

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