Gay Days Las Vegas Review

tropicanavegasluxorQuick Update for 2015:

1. There has been more club closings in Las Vegas and all the main events will be at the Piranha Nightclub instead of a larger club such as Krave or Share.
2. Gay Days has not listened to most of our suggestions but they did get Wifi at the Luxor allegedly. They are not booking rooms past the 15th of August which is kind of a hassle as we suggest staying at Tropicana or Cosmopolitan anyway but you will not get included pool passes or *cough* free Piranha nightclub entry.
3. Good news is that Uber will finally be back in Las Vegas just in time for this years PRIDE and Gay Days events. So to get downtown from the Luxor and other hotels for the pride parade will be much easier and cheaper than a taxi.

Gay Days Las Vegas Review and Suggested Changes
Looking back to September when Gay Days Las Vegas took place we were excited that it would be so much better then the premier year. We have been long time Gay Days fans of the Orlando events and thought we would join in on Las Vegas because by September we are still getting over the fun we had from June. The only problem is to many things went wrong in 2013 in Las Vegas to the gay scene and during pride that sort of made the Gay Days events turn out lamer to what we expected.

You can read up about all of the club closings and drama that happened in Las Vegas the last year. Let’s focus on the Gay Days events though… First of all the events for Gay Days was spread out over two hotels one at the Tropicana and most of the pool parties at the Luxor across the strip. That is fine. It would be nice to have it all at one hotel though as the host hotel until the event gets big enough to spread everyone out so much.

kravelasvegasdowntownThe pool parties were not all that big and some of the DJ’s were nothing like the DJ’s you see at the events in Orlando at the Doubletree at the June parties. We admit it did rain some and the first day it was extremely hot. The biggest problem I think was the hotel known as the hotel someone was shot at during Gay Days Las Vegas or known as the Luxor. Yes, this hotel is one of the most ghetto hotels on the strip. It looks amazing from the outside but the rooms do not even have Wifi. THE ROOMS DO NOT HAVE WIFI. You heard me right.

If Gay Days chooses the Luxor again we may have to find another event to attend the weekend after Labor Day. We hope they choose to move it all over to the Tropicana hotel where they are more gay friendly and even put up LGBT events on their sign outside. If it were up to me or some of the queens who are socialites we would all most likely pick the Cosmopolitan and get some Marriott points while we are at it and maybe have a view of the Bellagio. That might be a dream scenario that the folks at GD’s wont be able to accomplish.

The Tropicana has its problems too. The walkway takes forever to get to your rooms but then again most Las Vegas resorts do. The biggest complaints I heard about the Tropicana is that you have to rent out the chairs to lay down in. You basically have to stand up in the sun or sit in the water with no where to put your towels unless you get out some money. Sorry, but you should have some cabana areas for the queens who want to parade around in bottle service but damn well have some chairs to lay out in for the ones paying for your pool parties. Then again if I am over at the Cosmopolitan I might expect to pay for a chair because it is more like a nightclub setting where the pool is located.

Don’t get me wrong I had a blast but staying in a hotel that had no amenities such as Wifi, me and others being told we could not have more pool passes our rooms (they only gave me one for a room full of four), and events being held at a not-so-gay friendly hotel all did not sit well with Luxor. 2014 is looking fabulous for the Las Vegas gay scene as Hustlaball has just been announced to return after years away… also the new Krave has opened up off the strip!! We hope that the people over at Gay Days Las Vegas thing hard on their host hotel and do what is best to bring in the largest crowd ever for 2014!

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