Living Room Nightclub Ft. Lauderdale

Clubs come and go and come and go and well you get the picture.  We just hope they keep on coming instead of going.  Coming is always the better option right?

No club shall be left untapped even the dirty bars around the corner.  We’ll maybe a few of those.  But we have heard so much about the Living Room Nightclub in Ft Lauderdale not from anyone we know but from a colony of Myspace titles sort of like a futuristic beehive promoting the spot.

Having almost lived in Ft. Lauderdale and obsessing over a nightclub that closed down called Coliseum or Coli as some called it my curiosity just ate at me to check out this Living Room.  I could not even fathom what on earth a Living Room could be but I was damn well going to find out.  I think of a Living Room and I think of the 8 1/2 in Vegas that place SHOULD be called Living Room it has a fireplace and a cozy dance floor around it.  Off the subject but they should rename that to Living Area leading into the 12 inches next door at Piranha.  Only kidding.

We sort of knew what to expect judging from the website.  Kind of predicted it would be fufu-ish, zen-like, busy, bitchy, and have decent music.  It was a beautiful place on the inside and out.  Especially the view from the windows you get of the Los Olas Riverwalk.

Knowing that it would be a bit different we were actually surprised that it’s more of the same of what you would expect to find in the Los Olas Riverwalk district of Ft. Lauderdale.  We expected a little bit more mysteriousness and sexiness you might get in a nightclub.  This place was too much like China White but not located as badly in the war zone down the street.

It was the to be on Friday night and had two rooms with different music formats playing which was nice.
When we first got there it was so packed you could not move… people were pushing and shoving around like trying to get around.  This could be for a few reasons.  One being the design of the lounge/club where the walk to the main dancefloor is a narrow one-way event where it ends at a dead end but to a dancefloor that is fun with boxes and good sound/lighting.  The other reason is that there was some kind of free drink special going on from 10-12 from what I heard.

Overall it was a fun lounge/club it’s too bad they did not position the club away from the trains, fights, and kaos going on in the riverwalk area during club hours.  Someone could really open up an amazing dance club in Ft. Lauderdale again on the Hollywood border or somewhere it could be 18 to enter and 21 to drink. Then again we could have been a little disappointed because we had so much fun at Revolution in Orlando the night before.  Plus we thought it was too much like the China White/Jet Set club.  Hey, if you are VIP and want to buy a bottle im sure you have a few fabulous areas to lounge in and sip away.  I’d rather save that for a Sunday night at Voodoo Lounge with a couch to the big show.

The Living Room is a must see if you are in Ft. Lauderdale on a Friday night out.  Especially if you are in town during the Spring Break season.  I believe it is straight on Saturday but I am not sure.  I could also not find out about afterhours in Ft. Lauderdale now which I think is at Torpedo still?

We first heard that amazing song from Kaskade from their website at  Fell in love with that song ever since but did not hear this song inside the Ka bar.

If you are staying in Ft. Lauderdale you might consider one of the new hotels that are opening up in the area.  The Yankee Trader was town down and they built a new Westin resort on the beach as well as a new W hotel which should all open up the first week of March.  We will be definitely be checking out the W hotel next trip to Lauderdale Beach.  They are also close to Sebastian street which is the gay-er area of the beach.

Living Room Nightclub located at Las Olas Riverfront 300 SW 1st Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301.  DJ Oren Nizri and DJ Maximus 3000 on Liquid Fridays.  21 and up ONLY.

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