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boy celebrating spring breakWhether you are a college student and are looking forward to a break away from your exams and hectic school schedule or if you are just looking for a few days off this might help. Now is the time to plan your spring break 2008 trip.  There are so many places to go for fun on spring break including Cancun, The Bahamas, Acapulco, or even Jamaica.  Puerto Vallarta is also a destination that comes to mind with gay friendly travel, unlimited alcohol, and beautiful beaches.  Or you could check out Aruba and risk running into Joran Van Der Sloot.

Although, with the weak dollar and talk of a coming recession it may be better to plan the trip more domestically.  There are many places to go here in the U.S. where we can enjoy beaches without the hassle of dealing with new passport laws and excessive travel abroad.  Florida seems to be the most popular overall U.S. spring break destination with

There are a few destinations that come to mind at first when I think of a gay spring break. Key West certainly wants your business the month of March with many festivities going on for gays and lesbians.  The problem with Key West is getting out to that island and it could be hard booking a stay at a gay resort since I am sure they are mostly booked up already.

Some places to go in Key West include the gay resort called the Island House (1129 Fleming Street) which can be found online at  They have quite a frisky website that makes it look like you will be in for a time of fun while staying at the property. recently ran a contest for a free stay at this gay resort so it is working hard to promote its property.  This clothing-optional Bed & Breakfast won the 2007 Planet Out Travel Award for best gay resort.

Ft Lauderdale is a destination that over 800,000 gays visit each year with new hotels including the Starwood W, beachside Hilton, and newly remodeled Marriott Harbor Beach.  You also have lots of great gay resorts to stay at to satisfy your curiosity.  While Ft. Lauderdale does not claim to be a spring break destination you can bet the beaches are crowded and the drinks are pouring even though the hotels are expensive. College nights in South Florida can be found these clubs.  A wonderful thing about Ft. Liquerdale is the proximity of West Palm Beach and South Beach Miami.  You could also spend a few days here then stumble down to Key West for even more entertainment.

Some sites you may want to check out to save money during spring break will be your typical travel sites such as and  I always find the best deals when I deal with the hotels directly such as going to the site for hotel stays or the for flights.  If you are a student you may gain to save the most with a student travel site which can offer deep discounts with group travel packages as long as you show your student I.D.

You could also hit up a colder location for a ski trip for your spring break. I just don’t see the fun in going somewhere cold if you have already been suffering through the winter months and ready to get out and show off your bod you have been working on at the beach.

Wondering if you are old enough to drink in certain places? Here is a list detailing the legal drinking ages in each country.

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  1. I just found a website that helps you connect with people while you travel. It is called It has a feature called Meet Me that allows you to put in what club you are hanging out at and it matches you with other people who are hanging out in the same place. You can then message back and forth. I ended up meeting a cute guy at a club in South Beach this way.

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