Dear Madonna- What your biggest fans would like to see!

Guy Oseary recently sent out a tweet on behalf of Madonna that she will begin work on her new album in the next month. We as some of the Material Girl’s biggest fans are extremely excited. I have read a few blog posts recommending some things for her new album and tour but here are my thoughts:

1. Please NO Pharrell or Lil’ Wayne
We have had an overdose of Pharrell and Justin Timberlake on your last Hard Candy album. One or two songs total would have been okay but you went overboard. We buy your albums for YOU not to hear them. We can hear them on every other pop album that is out. You are not Katy Perry you do not need Snoop Dogg to sell records for you… you don’t have to walk around with polka dot covered cup cakes and sit in the sand covered up to your head. You still have the reign as Queen of Pop so USE it sister. We would like to see you do maybe one song with say an Adam Lambert because he is not too commercial (even though he was on Idol he did not win and you share some of the same fan base.

2. More Videos!!
Why did we only see two videos for Hard Candy? The Devil Doesn’t recognize song you just threw out the window and never really released it which was such a shame and waste since it was a great song. There should have been a video we could have at least watched on Youtube if MTV Hits was too busy playing Justin Bieber. We want to see more of you and in this day when we do not have to rely on MTV to play your music you should be adding NEW videos to your Youtube channel while you are still around. Do not end up like Michael Jackson and have great hits with no videos left. We love our Madonna and want to see more of you and what better way to promote a song than have a video for it!

3. Concert Tour
We know you loved your Sticky and Sweet tour since it was your biggest tour and longest running. I am still not sure how you did all that jump roping and yes you truly amazed us. But if you want to amaze us then you should go back to the Confessions style tour (the Cross and religious experience) and mix that up with something from a Blond Ambition scene (say Vogue with the big dresses on VMA Awards or Like A Virgin scene). What happened to your hot half white half Asian dancer (Daniel Cloud Campos) he was amazing and was no where to be found on your Sticky & Sweet tour? We wanna see more glamor and less gym garb and no Mariachi bands please.

4. Do more than a David Letterman Promotion
Because we are not “Do it like Madonna in ’85” as JTX sings “Love in America” it is time to Girl UP and show us some X-Factor and at least an MTV VMA performance. We loved your Michael Jackson speech on the VMA Awards a few years ago but I did not pay $5,000 a ticket to see you not perform. We were so hoping you would do a ‘Celebration’ performance that night once we heard the rumors you were going to open the show. No we do not want to fall asleep watching you make friends with Piers Morgan – he’s boring and a nobody but if you wanna dazzle us make Simon Cowell blush.

5. Show up unexpected at a Gay Bar
You could walk onto a drag show while they are performing “She’s Not Me” and knock down some drag queens. Maybe even a performance at Heaven nightclub in London or stop into a gay bar and shock everyone – you won’t be copying Gaga because you started the gay bar appearances (i.e. Roxy)! From what I hear your fans in Michigan are not too happy you never return home so why not appear at their gay bar what would make bigger headlines than that? Another place you SHOULD appear at is Tigerheat in LA where there are thousands of fresh ears who you could turn into fans from seeing you live. They don’t know the Madonna that made the world of music we have today nor will they probably have the money to pay for a concert ticket.

6. We don’t mind if you act like your 21
Do not let anyone tell you sh*t about your age. Yes while we do not want to watch you workout on stage or wear those loose shorts again like in Sticky and Sweet we are jealous of your energy and looks at your age. It doesn’t matter if its you, Britney, or even Gaga there can be costumes that are just not sexy but for the most part you look damn good for your age. Show it but also show us some glamor. Some blogs I have read talk about you should act more your age well we give them the Madonna flip off and say F*k You. We want all your energy and fun you bring to the World stage.

7. Teach the World Another Lesson
We love it when you have messages for the World to see. Your concerts are like a Church for your fans in that you know what is best. Peace, Freedom, Unity, Love, and Music! You shock us, you make us laugh, you flip us off and we love you for it.

Looking back at some of the best dance tracks ever we know that the best of the best were from something inspired from the Queen of Pop.

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