Orlando Gay Days Venue Changes

Well the drama continues in Orlando as DJ’s Manny Lehman and others have stepped into other venues to go up against the One Mighty Weekend parties. I will say that this one is pretty easy to predict. I can tell you now who will be at what party.

1. Lydia Prim is spinning at the Typhoon Lagoon Party– she is a fabulous DJ. This is where everyone will be friday night. The tickets are $69 bucks and it gets you into wave pools and waterslides and a great DJ. I can predict now that no one is going to be at anything else. EnVibe wevibe or youvibe it ain’t gonna happen on Saturday night. Gay Day Reimagined is just not appealing to for a gay day party. Maybe for a off weekend when there isn’t the biggest water park event going on. Whats worse for One Mighty Weekend is that Gay Days who has the gaydays.com website is part of the Typhoon Lagoon “Lets Go Play”. I think all the other DJ’s and all that are great but who on earth would miss the water park part of Gay Days weekend.

(from the CircuitDog’s twitter) Request YOUR favorite song at THIS YEAR’S Typhoon Lagoon Party w/ DJ Lydia Prim. Send your request to PlayThisDJLydia@aol.com

2. Buena Vista palace – Still hoping people will be at this hotel like last year. So many are disappointed in the Johnny Chisholm franchise that its hard to tell. If so, the pool parties will be HOT and scandalous as always!

3. The P house- Two words: Deborah Cox . This is where it will be Saturday and Sunday night. We have Hard Rocks and HOB’s in every big city in the US. People want their big dancefloor, live performers, drinks, and good music, and maybe some foam.

4. Alyson in Wonderland Sunday – Brett Hendrichsen and Alyson Calagna are two amazing DJ’s but I am not so sure people will be done with all the circuit fighting and drama and be ready for cocktails at the Phouse. We are in Disney to see Disney stuff or MGM or Universal not sit inside Hard Rocks or Gaylord Convention Centers.  The Hard Rock is just boring to me.

5. Afterparty at Arabian Nights every night especially Sunday night!

This could be a situation where people will be scattered everywhere but they will end up at the places mentioned above in the end once they find the right party.  At least you know the Phouse and the pool parties at Buena Vista Palace will be best bets and most likely the more affordable bets.  Save your money for at least one afterparty at Arabian Nights or it could be an Ambien night.

There seems to be lots of negative things happening this year but I feel the Typhoon Lagoon party could turn out to be a fun party afterall.  The saddest thing missing from the weekend is the Thursday night party at Mannequin’s which Disney tore down to make room for more family friendly restaurants. Gag me now. So they took away our rotating dance floor for a restaurant.  Ok.. I will keep positive about this weekend and it will be fun!!

BTW what is up with that cheesy name of “Let’s Go Play” for the Typhoon Lagoon party.  Really?  It sounds like something the Parliament house should name their foam party.

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