South Florida College Night Moved

While we were partying on the opposite coast there must have been a Hurricane crashing ashore New Years Eve in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  The Copa nightclub has been closed down for a few years from hurricane damages but I felt the time bomb was ticking on Coliseum the last time I saw the building.  Although, Lauderdale residents had the Coliseum to party at on Friday nights even while they survived China White.  Florida nightlife changes around constantly but I would assume it was the bad sound system and repairs needed on the Coliseum building that lead it to close down this week.

Emails have been coming in about the closing of the Coliseum nightclub and what is next so we looked over their site and noticed they are promoting parties at two other clubs named Purgatory (formerly The Saint) and Steele.  Steele is already busy on Saturday nights but I guess they are moving the Coli crew over there to bring in a new club night called Flash.

The new party is named Nu on Friday nights to bring in College Night with the usual performers such as TP Lords and Mizz Cori.  The entire staff is moving over for Friday’s including promoters such as Gary Santis, 305BOYZ, DJ Miik, and the bartenders.  Purgatory is located at 1000 West State Road 84, being only a few blocks west of Coliseum.  It’s a big dance area and has three rooms or so of different music so it should be fun.

Will this be the hot, steamy college night in South Florida it once was we don’t know but it’s looks like it could compare.

But what happened to Coli?
Is it remodeling? Did it cash in on the real estate?

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