Beware the thieves in the night

or the light… it is sad we have to worry about such things but it seems the stolen phones and wallets seem to be skyrocketing lately.  I have had more and more people telling me stories about wallets and smart phones being stolen in the past few months.  It seems to be getting out of hand and the clubs may need to keep an extra eye out for some of the con men doing this.

Your out drinking and having a good time or trashed on who knows what and you are somewhere you feel that you can trust the environment around you because you felt safe there before.  You dance away the night then you look in your pocket to see what time it is from your iPhone and realize that it is missing from your pocket.  You then freak out wondering where you could have put it hoping it is at the bar or in the bars lost and found.

With no luck you have asked everyone where the phone could be and feel naked without that nice iPhone bulge in your pocket.  You have most likely been pick-pocketed from someone who goes out everynight or mostly on busy nights to get in your pants.  Get in your pants the way you did not intend.  The same happens with your wallet which may be what happens most often because most people leave the wallet in their back pocket.

I find myself on busy nights putting my wallet in my front pocket or splitting up my ID and one credit card in a front smaller pocket in case someone does steal it.  I find myself in the busiest of clubs such as this Prague club where I had my iPhone stolen.  That just ruined my trip to the Czech Republic and made me think they were all theives.  But then again I should have just left my cell phone at the hotel and had it locked up in the safe.  I mean if you can’t keep it in your front pocket with tight jeans on there where can you keep it?  maybe we need crotch pockets for this…

I learned to put a lock on my iPhone and bought insurance on it online.  AT&T does not offer any kind of loss insurance for its Apple based smart phone even though it will offer insurance on all of its other phones including Blackberry’s.

Just in the past month I have known 4 people personally that have had incidents where their wallet was grabbed from their back pocket in gay bars.  This is really surprising to me that it is getting so bad you have to be in defense mode all the time that something can be stolen like this.

I think that in some of the 18 and up clubs that they should have the monitors who watch for underage drinking also watch for these wallet and phone thieves.  Catch some of them in the act.  The bad thing is that most of these crimes do not get reported so we never hear about it unless someone tells us personally.  We know the clubs  do not even get it reported en0ugh so they may not know how bad the problem is… Losing your ID or passport is normally the worst thing that can happen because then you are really SOL.   I guess the best thing to do is to keep one sober eye open and one hand on your front pocket and one on your butt at all times lol.

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  1. Another thing people can do to help solve the wallet issue is to put a rubber band around your walled. As silly as it sounds, the rubber band will grab hold of the fabric in your pocket when being removed making it more difficult to do as well as making it more noticeable for you to feel.

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