Summer Pool Parties

There are pool parties with bbq’s then you have the pool parties with dj’s spinning and basically a “wetter” circuit party.  Here is a list of some pool parties to expect for 2009-

1.  Beach Ball @ Typhoon Lagoon – during Gay Days Disney this is the ultimate pool party you could hit up in your lifetime and it worth the $90 or so it costs to get in.  You get to ride slides, float down the river, and dance on a beach.

2. Reunion – My favorite of pool parties. Three days of prime hotel beach pool area.  The One Mighty Weekend host hotel at Buena Vista Palace brings you DJ’s and live performances rain or shine.  This can be found during the Gay Days Disney in Lake Buena Vista, FL.  Just don’t dance too hard during the day and miss out on the nights festivities.

3.  White Party Pool Party – The event is over now but the Perry Twins know how to get people moving when they play the White party’s Wyndham pool party each year.

4.  Las Vegas Luxor Resort LGBT Pool Party – NEW! Every Sunday now at the Luxor Resort where they call it Banana Hammock Sundays from 11am to 7pm sounds by DJ Fuzion.

5.  The Parliament House, Orlando – Every Sunday a pool party and a T-Dance to follow.

6.  The Habanna, Oklahoma City -Pool party on Sundays just behind the Finish Line and the Copa then go out and watch a great Drag Show.  And there is nothing “drag” about watching drag in OKC.. they have some of the best queens in the nation…sit back and take notes!

What about the beach?

Pensacola Beach – gay pride season in Pensacola is during Memorial Day weekend and you will be amazed with all the GLBT camped out to enjoy the sun and clear water.

Ft Lauderdale Beach – Sundays are fundays at the beach for Sebastian street and a1a.

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