Roundup of the White Party 2010

White Party 2010

We were at the White Party this year for our second year and have made a few posts about the party so far.  We were not able to put up our Ke$ha pics yet because of some problems but here are the pics of Ke$ha.  She was amazing and looked hotter than a firecracker.  Of course, that is what I said about Lady Gaga last year when she performed for us shirtless guys in the crowd.  Kesha kept mentioning she wasn’t going to get laid but the rest of us were going to get laid and kept saying how much she loved us and the White Party.  She sounded great, looked hot, and hope to see her again.. Yes, I am now a big Ke$ha fan.  I would love to party with her sometime.  Ke$ha lets be BFF’s.

Perez Hilton seems to hate on Kesha because she wrote a song about Britney Spears in her younger years and she may have said something about pushing Justin Bieber around in a cart because he was so cute.  But hey Justin is cute and he is that adorable.  You just want to pet him lol.  I can agree with Kesha and no reason to hate on her.  At least Kesha was singing live which was a surprise in a club or event performance.  I sat on the same row as Perez Hilton at the VMAs and was not thrilled with his non-acknowledgement of me when I tried to get down the row to sit in my seat.  He was a total jerk off.  He also embarrassed the gay community calling someone the F-word.  Kesha has never done anything like that and yet he tells her to close her mouth.  Kesha can open her mouth anytime she wants and I would even make out with her!

Not only was Kesha hot that night at the White Party but the Freemasons were hitting up some hot beats that everyone seemed to enjoy.   The VIP area was breathtaking it was like heaven.  I really thought I was in Heaven seeing white all around and all the areas you could venture off into holding a VIP pass.  It really does not cost that more extra and you get so much more out of the events.  They offered masseurs that were hella hot and knew how to work their hands while you were feeling euphoria.  I like how they had massage boys with massage chairs and not lay down beds.  I would feel uncomfortable being in a bed opposed to the chairs.  There was water that kept being refilled in this area which kept us from having to go get tickets so many times.   The tickets are certainly annoying I wished there was a way around the ticket policy.

The after party to the main event at the Renaissance was not as great with music because the vocals were lacking according to other DJ’s and guests.  Where was the VIP in the after party events? It was nowhere to be found or hidden.  That was the event that I really needed the VIP room.  I guess we didn’t look hard enough.

The T-Dance we talked about here and how Britney Spears attended and Agnes gave a great performance.  The closing party was ok.. not as much energy as last year but last year was Rosabel and this year was Tony Moran so some difference.  The pool parties were fabulous Friday and Saturday.  Sunday everyone was mainly at the T-Dance or resting up for it.

A summary of the White Party in Palm Springs is that it is the event of the year and if you missed it you missed the gay version of Coachella Festival. I will also go a step further and say it’s the gay SXSW or the gay circuit event of the year.  Jeffrey Sanker definitely knows how to put on a party and not screw things up.  He is definitely a hero of the gay community for putting on such a great event and giving us the opportunity to party like rock stars all weekend long.

Then it was sad that it all came to an end.  Now I can be motivated to start working out for next years White Party (and the many other parties inbetween).

Pics of Erika Jayne performing,
Pepper Mashay performing at White Pool Party

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