Winter Party 2010 Wrapup

WinterParty this year was so much fun just like every year.  The weather was not too bad a bit cooler than last year but still felt good in the Miami Sun.  The weekend kick started with a big friday night with Rosabel and a performance by Erika Jayne.  Then everyone woke up the next day to the most beautiful scenery at the Pool party with the hottest djs on the planet… the Perry Twins at the Surfcomber Doubletree.

Saturday night was the event at Parkwest who we swore we would not attend again and DID NOT.  We heard it was ok but the Parkwest venue is just not anything we would pay to enter again no matter who is performing there.  Sorry, you guys can do much better!  We did get a ride downtown and check out Discotekka and had a blast.  It was a 18 and up club that was open late and had performances from T.P Lords.  Here are pics of Discotekka and T.P. Lords performance.

Sunday was the beach party and then the final party which had so much controversy.   This year we saw a few bitter exchanges between The Gay and Lesbian Task Force and Peter Rauhofer.  The site and many flyers were given out along the streets in front of Mansion to stop the Winter party attendees to not pay for Peter Rauhofer’s show.  While I do agree with the Task force about someone going head up against a charity or not-for-profit organization that gives back to the gay community they were not even in the same city.  If they were both in Miami beach then I think Peter Rauhofer should just give up forever and say goodbye but seriously a party in Downtown Miami is not exactly walking distance from my hotel in South Beach.  Sometimes competition is a good thing –  I mean Twist did not exactly close its doors for the Winter Party or anything.  Thank God because Twist was a blast Sunday night.  Peter kind of sucked!!  It is a shame Peter did not give back any money to gay organizations but it shows he has no heart at all.  His event was not as busy as last year and I think Peter Rauhofer will lose lots of followers because they will see him in a different light after he could not give back at all to the community.

I wanted to bad to go see Tracy Young downtown at Space but just did not get around in time to deal with driving downtown which can take forever when your ready to party.  We ended up at Mansion to see Offer Nissam and because it was close to our hotel.  Definitely not to support Rauhofer.  Offer Nissam Canceled on the event and was a no-show.  Talk about false advertising!  They kept the Offer Nissam wording on the Mansion signage all night long and did not bother to take it down.  They should have offered a discount on the $60 cover knowing Offer Nissam would not be attending.  I left shortly after finding this out because I could not stand Peter Rauhofer’s music anymore.. went over to Twist nightclub and had a blast with cheaper drinks.

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