Worst DJ’s in the World

I am going to start this post up not as an insult to anyone but as a reminder that the club goers and customers are always right.  When no one is on the dancefloor or when everyone is complaining it is time to play better music or switch out the DJ.  I have traveled the world and am starting to learn that some clubs keep on some DJ’s no matter how they treat their customers or no matter that there are only 4 people on the dancefloor while everyone is looking for another club to cure their dancing before 2 or 4am.

Some DJ’s have major ego problems and that is fine if they are good.  They still should be nice to their regulars and potential newer groupies.  If the DJ’s suck then most likely the club will go under as a result.  The same goes for bartenders with attitudes.  I have seen many clubs fall under because the DJ’s will not please enough people or sometimes if they please too many people that can be bad.  Something in the middle is what works.

We try and remain a positive blog that contributes to the gay community but must point out negative things sometimes as much as we dislike speaking badly about anyone.  Just like Keith Olbermann points out the Worst Persons of the World we now will have a new segment (or blog post) called the Worst DJ’s in the World. Just so we do not sound mean or insulting we will list the nights that have the best music at the same club if there is such a night.

I have years of experience going to clubs and requesting songs.  If they do not play a song I do not hate them because I understand they have in their minds what they want to play that night.  But if they are not listening to the crowd and everyone has left they may want to change their minds on what they are playing and turn the music around some.  Maybe play that top 40 song. Um its top 40 or on the dance charts for a reason.. it’s what people are buying.  Of course, people who pay money to get into a club do not want to hear a radio edit of a song but there are mixes of everything.  I can’t stand too much hip hop or too much trance but good house music is what makes me move.  If the crowd is not digging it there has to be some backup mixes to throw their way to liven them up.

If you have been to a club or bar and have stories to share on this blog please do so.  We will accept your spam free comments.  Also, feel free to find out if that DJ is a billboard reporter and report that to us as well. If any of these DJ’s are Billboard reporters they truly need to lose their standing until they can perform at a nightclub.

#1 The Worst DJ in the World is DJ Jimmy Skinner (Billboard reporting DJ) Claims to play on Saturday Circuit nights at Southbeach (Houston, TX) but the circuit crowd I know stays dancing all night long and doesn’t RUN out of the club at 3am when the music really starts to suck.  He laughs at you when you request music and takes your money then never plays the song.  I asked several employees at the Southbeach nightclub in Houston and they all agreed that they have been hoping they would replace this guy. Southbeach in Houston was our favorite club in 2008 but this DJ will definately make it fall from that list this year as they messed up the Madonna party and have this jerk spinning.  My advice is to just put the damn speakers on Boystownlive.com and act like there is a dj back there… save the money from having to pay this guy and everyone loves the mixes on Boystownlive.

The website of the nightclub says he plays Progressive House Music and that is NOT what he is playing.

SAME CLUB, DIFFERENT NIGHT:  The Friday night DJ at Southbeach (DJ Tucker) will be in the top 10 on our Best DJ’s in the World.  He is truly amazing and deserves credit.

#2 Friday night DJ Alpyne (Krave Vegas): If you go inside you may hear songs that play partially and then goto the next song which is OK if it’s a countdown for New Year’s or at the end of the night but not all night long.  This can lead to headaches and rattled nerves.  Everyone ends up looking at each other saying they need a Xanax instead of a Vodka Rockstar.  I do not take Xanax but sure felt like I needed to call the doctor when this DJ was playing because the treble and bass were unequalized and the songs were all teases like a Promo CD instead of a dance mix.  The locals may be used to it but the visitors who I talked to who actually paid to get in were complaining about this. I love Krave but I will have to put the Friday night DJ as a night to avoid the place if they do not get this changed.

SAME CLUB, DIFFERENT NIGHT:  Saturday nights at Krave feature a DJ that is one of the best in the world – Morningstar.  You must see him live in action because he is great. If only he could spin there Friday nights as well but that might be too much fun!

Here you go these are two DJs above that are the worst but on opposite nights at these clubs you have the best.  Ironic?  Just a little.  These are my two favorite clubs in the US and my favorites of the World so that is why I have such high expectations of them to play the best music granted they both get World class circuit DJ’s there all the time.  But let’s raise the bar!

#3 Copa – Oklahoma City.  Not sure this guys name. Unless you want to hear Grease Lightning every time you go out hearing what is on the radio without a good remix.  He even messed up the remix of Lady Gaga Papparazi…really?  He is better than the DJ they had a a few years back who would have made it to #1 on this lucky chart but his music is not worth one shot of vodka.

SAME CLUB, DIFFERENT NIGHT:  LOL Same DJ. To hear good music you may have to stumble down the street to the Park or the Wreck Room or better yet just goto Tramp’s and have a big girl drink.

UPDATE: The Copa in OKC has since changed DJ’s and have improved the music. They are no longer playing the same CD that was repeating every weekend.

#4 HIRO Sundays NYC – The Cuckoo Club may be the nickname “where the boys are on Sundays” located in the Maritime hotel lounge. True it is a place to seen and be seen for some reason but the music is hideous.  The DJ played 100% Pure Love by Crystal Waters then went on to some tribal beat before and after. The music was so horrible I cannot even describe it.  It is a big club to have “lounge” music.  I was there with friends and they wanted to pay me just to leave.  I said no I will pay you because my ears are bleeding.  We did see Lance Bass out there but he was standing outside.  Maybe if I was drunk, high, or on 3 xanax I could take the music. haha.  I would recommend the Greenroom club/lounge a two-story place to party on Sundays with better music.

There are just thousands of DJ’s I cannot say anything wrong about. They keep the places hoppin’ and droppin’ and keep the queens a drinkin’.  There is less fighting at clubs that have good music, less drama, and probably less smoking.

This is the beginning of the list but I really hope it does not get longer.  Some people have bad nights but this is only for repeat offenders.  Email us or comment on the blog for us to get your message.  Gaysitedude(AT)gmail.com is how to contact us.

We are also working on the Best DJ’s in the World list coming out soon but that one is harder to make since there are so many.  I mean who could be number one on that list?  An international DJ, Circuit DJ, local bar scene guy.  So many DJ’s so little time.  Peace Love Unity and Respect!

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