Boys on the beach

If you are a beach bum then you will love the cities we have been to this year so far and back in 2007. We hit up Puerto Vallarta last year and did the scene until we could not move anymore. We also checked out Pensacola, FL this year which was so much fun partying at Emerald City.

If you want to brave the pending Hurricane then head the Galveston this weekend or just wait until Labor Day and sit on our rock beach. It will surely bring enough rain for the big Labor Day Splash in Austin for Lake Travis to fill up some then get blitzed at the Splash party later that night with DJ Chris Cox.

Summer is quickly coming to and end so you better get out there and get that tan you said you were going to get since Spring. You know we will be planning New Years in just a month or so. Halloween is also just around the corner.

enjoy the heat!

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been there done that. and i wanna do it again in a better way.

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