New Circuit Club in Big D

brick-nightclub-dallas-ledscreenIf you see most of the magazine reviews of Dallas, TX you normally hear about the gay strip where you have Station 4 and the Roundup across the street. These are two big mega-clubs one for mostly country/pop and the other for its big dance floor and drag queens upstairs. The big D lately has something else to brag about with one thing most other clubs are lacking… parking.

We visited the Brick twice so far. One time it did not have its dance permit yet so we got to take some pics of the place and got to really enjoy the atmosphere. The second time was a totally different scene that we had to put our Cha Cha Heels on for!

The second visit was more of the official grand opening of the place and it was busy and even with their big shopping center parking lot it was not easy to park unless you parked valet. DJ Michael Tank was in the house from Miami. It was great hearing his music again because it had been too long since I heard a good circuit beat mixed in with some new pop music.

The dancefloor was busy but it was too dark. I would have hoped to see a few things inside there. While I do not like things too cheesy or too much unneeded lighting inside a club you have to be able to see some. The sound system and lighting other than that were good.

We had a VIP pass to get into the club but it was not good for the Saturday night special event Michael Tank. Of course, it did not say this on the card and the place only takes cash at the door. We could not complain though because it was only $10 to see Michael Tank play.

brick-nightclub-dallas-newIt was not all that fast to get a drink inside the place. The bartenders did not seem prepared for a large crowd mainly because of the credit card machines not working. I hope these kinks can be worked out for the next big party. They also do not have a late night permit yet at this location so they closed at 2am which is unthinkable for a Circuit crowd. We like our afterhours but there are some places to go for afterhours when the Brick closes and those are 1. Station 4 (off Cedar Springs), only open until around 3:30am to 4am depending on the crowd; 2. Insomnia (off i-35 and Manana), a mostly straight afterhours beginning at 3am but the music will keep you moving around until 7am or so.

The Brick has a name in Dallas associated with its former location that was demolished off Maple and Throckmorton. The new location seems much safer and looks like it could really turn out to bring some people out clubbing that have been over the Dallas scene especially since he is bringing in big name Circuit DJ’s.

Valentine’s Day weekend (Saturday) they are bringing in DJ Kimberly S from Los Angeles. Saturday, March 6th my favorite DJ and remixer of 2009 Seth Cooper.
DJ Aqualight returns to the Brick on Thursdays. You may remember him from Village Station (the former club of s4). DJ’s Paul Kraft , Aqualight, Ric Herrington, and Mark Brack take over on Saturday nights unless there is a special night listed.

Sunday nights are retro nights where they follow at midnight with SIN or Service Industry Nights. The parking lot looked filled up when I drove by there Sunday. So it looks to be a big night as well! I assume this club will take most of the business of Mickey’s that recently closed down off of Cedar Springs. Mickey’s busiest night was on Sunday for their drink specials.

The Brick is located just a minute from the Oaklawn strip. Address is 525 Wycliff Ave. between Maple Ave. and the Tollway. If you are taking the tollway from the Galleria Mall you can exit right and just turn into the first shopping center parking lot and you are there.

Dallas,TX upcoming Events:
Sat. February 13 Kimberly S. @ Brick
Sat. February 13 Carnivale 5 (Caven ent.) Mardi Gras celebration @ Station 4, Sue Ellens, JR’s. TMC
Sat. March 06Seth Cooper @ Brick
Thursday April 1 – Rose Room presents Texas Entertainer of the Year Pageant
April 30 – May 2ndDallas Purple Party @ Various Locations in Dallas, top rated Circuit event of 2009

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