Gaga Does Dallas, Stops by Gay Country Bar

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The Oaklawn scene was so busy last night with Lady Gaga in town.  So many look-a-likes out there and you would have thought the paparazzi was out because there were flashes everywhere.  Gaga week in Dallas will be here forever after the great show she put on and tribute she gave to the great people of roundup who recently celebrated 30 years but just two years of it being Gaga’s home.  Lady Gaga performed Thursday night and then on Friday night her limo appeared outside the Roundup Saloon, a gay country bar and everyone quit dancing and put down their drinks to take pics! it was a mad house…so hot in there but we survived.  Lady Gaga thanked her little monsters once again and showed her appreciation to the Roundup who had her perform two years ago on their dancefloor.  This is something you would think would come from Dolly Parton but it was Miss Gaga the queen of sweet, love, and appreciation.  Who would ever expect this much love from a Diva such as Gaga.  She is simply amazing and loves her gays!  Although I think she wanted to see some dancing as she was sitting in an uplifted area overlooking the dancefloor and people were not dancing for her..well ok I was.  xoxo

Pictured above is the REAL Lady Gaga at Roundup Saloon in Dallas, TX.  Pic courtesy of  Below is a pic of Lady Gaga dancing around in her seat at the gay country bar with a mob scene from fans below.

Here is the limo outside of Roundup.

We partied at Roundup some more until Gaga left but it was so hot in there we had to cool off at Station 4 across the street.  We knew we had a cold drink waiting over at S4.  Amber is one hot blond bartender (not normally Blond) at the Lady Gaga afterparty at Station 4 in Dallas.  Stop by and see her and her friend Kat at the same bar if in D.

If you live in the Dallas area make sure you follow their Dallas Gay Scene twitter here.

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