Gay College Sex Party Anyone?

Now here is an interesting challenge. You’ve seen a site that features wild sex parties where loads of sexy bois turn up, have a drink and then shag everything that moves or does not move. Great stuff to watch but how do you actually go about throwing one of these events?

I have to admit that I never have, but I did speak to some people I know who have organized such an event and I have managed to put together some background on how these guys do it. I also get tons of emails requesting pics for these type of parties so I admit it does spark some interest.

First of all you need to know what you are doing; you need to now the law both national and local as it pertains to where you are. This is particularly important if you are going to film the event and put it on a website. Secondly you need money as this is going to cost you a fair amount: the venue (and you need a gay-orgy friendly one) with charge, the bar will cost you, if you are filming then you have the crew and the cast to consider and then there is the publicity.

Publicity: how do you find 200 gay guys who are willing to have an orgy and be filmed? Well, advertising in local colleges works surprisingly well and you’d be amazed at how many straight guys turn up too. The local press woks the same plus you have the internet and maybe your own website too.

So, you have the film crew, the venue and the whole thing is set up what next? Well sadly these things don’t happen spontaneously though they may appear to on the websites that feature them. If you are making a porn video in the USA (and this rule should apply to any country really to protect yourself) you need to get the actors to do two things: One, they must prove their age and you must make copies of it in case anyone questions the legality of your models, (they must be over 18). Secondly you must get them to sign the legal disclaimer stating their age and your right to use them and their filmed/photographed material publicly since they will be nude.

So, all that preparation done and you are ready to roll. Now you just have to hope that your guys turn up, lose their inhibitions and have a wild time. There is some more backstage work still to be done. Some guys need persuading, others simply need to be introduced to each other, you should keep an eye out for illegal drugs as you don’t want that kind of thing filmed on your website and you should make a general introduction to the guys before the party starts: put them at their ease. After that, I am told, things usually take care of themselves and the kind of guys willing to do a wild gay college party won’t have any trouble in getting naked and wild when the time comes.

If you want any inspiration on how these things turn out here are a few sites to view:

Guysgocrazy is my favorite and features all male orgies in high quality filming from three cameras per party. is highly recommended for its exclusive content, video-making and bonus site access. like many of the gay party sites this one carries a link where you can apply to join a party. Go along and get first hand experience of how it all works if you can. Even if you don’t end up making a video of your own party at least you will have had some fun!

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