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gayrainbowbeachcockSummer is a coming in (if you’re in the northern hemisphere at any rate) and my mind is turning to hot days by the sea. And what could be better than finding a beach where you can do the full Monty and strip everything off? Doing a quick search for Gay Nude Beaches (USA) brought up over one million hits so the problem is really where to start?
Florida seemed like as good a starting point as any and the news here is that with over 12,000 miles of coastline, nude and clothing optional beaches are really taking off. The two that came up most frequently were: Haulover Beach, in the North Miami Beach area. It has many facilities including lifeguards (so something to ogle at apart from naked guys) and parking that is available from sunrise to sunset. Or there is Playalinda Beach which has fewer facilities but is extremely popular. A word of warning: some states have different laws so check out where you are before you strip off! If you’re further north you might be surprised to learn that there are at least five nudist beaches in New York. Cherry Grove in Suffolk County is actually one of the gay resort communities on Fire Island, which you’ve probably heard of, and is more than just a gay nudist beach. Here they have awards night and a July 4th gay barbecue and it is one of the more popular gay destinations in the USA.

Leaving the United States and jetting off around the world towards Europe and you are spoiled for choice when it comes to stripping off. Mykonos, one of those idyllic Greek islands, has long been famed for its gay night life and there are plenty of go-naked places to be found. Which is kind of strange as Greece only has a very few registered and official nudist beaches. But as long as you are discrete and don’t offend anyone then most people turn a blind eye, particularly on Mykonos which is still something of a gay party island, though it can be expensive. Croatia, apparently, has a long tradition of nudist beaches and, though not necessarily gay ones, there are some very popular places along the Dalmatian coast. The same goes for the south of France where, particularly on the smaller beaches, most everyone strips off and those who don’t do not seem to care. A similar attitude is held in Spain and Portugal, in fact Europe seems to be a great destination for anyone wanting to get bare by the sea. In Spain, you have famous nude beaches such as Sitges and Maspalomas (it’s the Gran Canaria gay beach).

hotgaysbeachBut what about England? It rains there all the time doesn’t it? Well, no, not all the time and if you want a good gay experience then pop down to Brighton and walk along the shingle shore towards the Marina. Here you’ll find a bank of shingle between the road and the sea and over it you’ll find the nudist beach. This one was officially opened by The Queen Mother (though she didn’t strip for the ceremony) and is a very popular destination for gay sunbathers and cruisers. Just behind the beach is the area known as the bushes where, particularly after dark, gay guys go to cruise. Contrary to popular thought, the Brits aren’t all prudes and most locals know what goes on here. Bring a flask of something to keep you warm and enjoy!

Of course these are only a few destinations and there are hundreds more out there. One of the best sites I found was and if you look there you will find masses of links and a search facility that will enable you to look up what’s good, nude and gay near you. This sites features all kinds of other outdoor activities for gay guys (and girls) and has some pretty hot boys adorning its many pages. So strip off your hot clothes and dive in boys!

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