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Swimwear Season is here again and with Gay Days Typhoon Lagoon just around the corner its time to start shopping. There is also other great pool events coming up and not to mention First Splash is next weekend in Hippie Hollow in Austin (but no clothes are necessary there). You want to show off something on the boats or at the pools.

“People shop for a bathing suit with more care than they do a husband or wife.” – Erma Bombeck. That sounds a true truism from the late American humorist. But is it true and what’s hot and tops at the moment, now that we in the northern hemisphere are starting to look towards the summer? What’s going to grab the eye on the beaches, at the pool and when we’re sunbathing? And, for guys, what’s going to grab your tackle and place it properly, show off what you’ve got, and at the same time feel comfortable?

When you think about it, when you are wearing a bathing suit, to use a rather old fashioned term, you are only one step away from wearing nothing at all. You are showing off everything you have but leaving only one or two things covered for the sake or propriety. So your trunks, or whatever you like to call them, are going to have to serve a couple of purposes. One, they need to be comfortable for you and two, you want them to look good. If you want to pose and have people stare then go for something skimpy and revealing, but if your figure isn’t what it was and you don’t want to draw attention, then go for something more baggy and long. Nothing worse than a fat man in a tight thong showing his thing. Unless that’s a fetish you’re particularly into.

But I digress. We know that your bathers should be cool and comfy. How do you achieve that? A simple search around the net is the modern way of gaining advice and shopping opportunities, and one tip is to search for what’s going to be hot by looking for ‘summer fashion’, rather than just ‘this year’s swimwear’ for example. And check out Ask Men, a neat site that’s for men and covers all kinds of subjects. They are telling us at the moment, that the Speedo debate rages on, as it always will. With Speedo’s classic, tight fit, look it backs up what I was just saying: These tight and sexy things should really be reserved for those who still have a waste. (Sorry if that’s not you. It’s certainly isn’t me.)

J. Crew Solid Nauset Trunks are getting some good coverage at the moment, and will cover more of you, leaving the idea of what lies beneath more tempting than actually showing all your manly, private curves. Lahco have some really neat designs going on though your pockets will have to be deep. $155.00 upwards for a pair probably puts them out of most mortal price ranges. Vilebrequin Swimwear is even more expensive, and it was after seeing their $200 plus price tags that I enter ‘affordable; into my search terms.

And found some useful advice that is also pretty obvious. You want to look good and feel good but you can’t afford the top fashion names. So, simply shop around online and search out swimwear at affordable prices, but keep a check on quality as cheaper often means short-lived. There are online auction sites, such as eBay where you can find deals and bargains, but make sure these are still ‘in the pack’ Speedos or whatever, no one wants to try on second hand trunks. “The swimwear that goes on auction on these online sites comes from diverse sources: like traders looking to clear their stock, traders who have gotten into problems with their creditors and many other reasons. Today men have lot of options in purchasing a quality swimwear.” Albert Wessel at Article Base.com.

So I guess the bottom line is that fashions change year by year but in the swimwear world, this year, we are still looking at names, top names, brand names, names with price tags heavier than the material the trunks are made from. But at the end of the day you’ve still got your classic choices. Speedos and baggy shorts.

My Favorite picks for gay swimwear:
1. Aussie Bum
2. Andrew Christian (10% off Coupon code
3. Hurley Boardshorts
4. O’Neill Boardshorts

Hottest Pool / Beach Parties
1.  White Party Pool Parties (too late for this great event)
2. Last Splash Labor Day Weekend, Austin TX
3.  Sundays in Las Vegas starting soon…
4.  Mark Baker Host Hotel in June
5.  Gay Days Host Hotel Doubletree Orlando June
6.  Reunion Pool parties at Buena Vista Palace coming in June (not sure which one in Orlando will be the best yet)

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