NYC’s Splash Nightclub to close after 22 years

splashnightclubnycThe Chelsea community will be losing its two-story dance club on August 10th. It will be the end of an era after the Splash Nightclub closes it’s doors for good. It was one of our favorite clubs in the US because we could always find hot dancers and you have to admit it is a great place to find other hot tourists. Everyone always knew that Splash would be in the same spot when they came for a visit. It was nice to have a place you could depend on not changing (too much). It’s a staple in the gay community which opened in 1991 rising to International fame (like Pitbull) with over 10,000 square feet covering two floors of boys, booze, and dancing.

We hate to see Splash Nightclub go away especially at a time when there is already so much change in the gay nightlife community in NYC. With promoters leaving XL Nightclub to do a weekly event at Stage 48 among other changes it is hard to tell where the future of nightlife in NYC is headed. Change is certainly in the air.

Monday nights is known for Showtunes night where you will hear some of the great Broadway classics. On the weekends you will normally find a busy crowd and that fun basement type room downstairs was always a nice escape from the main room.

Splash had the hottest 18 and up night. Ok, they had the only 18 and up night we knew about in NYC. It still is a fun night on what was Twink Tuesdays and now College Tuesdays. We always route our trip long enough to stay on a Tuesday because the crowd on that night is one of the best and you will always see some crazy out of towners!

A big remodeling project took place a few years ago and it never really changed that much if you ask me. I noticed some new barstools downstairs that were adjustable and some changes to the bottle area but no drastic changes that could have taken place. The bathrooms were certainly unique and we will miss most everything about this place!

I think our biggest problem with Splash Bar is that it should have been called Splash Nightclub as it had a dancefloor and should have taken credit cards. Why would any bar in the country not take credit cards in the year 2000.. oh yeah 2013. Could Emerald City in Pensacola be next? Another club known for not taking credit cards but seems to get kicks off having people lined up at the ATM machine. NightClub & Bar and reality show of Bar Rescue, Jon Taffer, might tell you himself that people will stay longer if you take credit cards because you run out of cash. It’s also a safety issue because if you’re a tourist (or anyone) and lose your credit card you are not liable for charges on the card as you would lose the cash forever.

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