Top 10 Dance Club Songs of 2011

The last few weeks of the year and it is time for our annual dance music countdown. It has been a up and down year for music with many hot performances from our Mother Monster Lady Gaga and a tour from Erasure., a site originated by DJ Brett Hendrickson who shut down its services which we used to base most of our charts from in our countdowns. We also used Billboard and some other sources from DJ friends we have but Masterbeat had charts from several DJ’s all-in-one place. We were sad to see it go but we understand iTunes, Amazon, and now Google music are very hard to compete with.

Our top songs of the year based on our experiences at the club and what people enjoyed listening to and not having to be in a drunk stupor to hear the mixes were the following:

1. Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People from the Torches album. This song was by far the most creative and grooviest song of the year. It was the most underrated song but played on radio more than we expected. Although the clubs played this song quite a bit it did not top the year end billboard dance charts which are normally ill-informed anyway.

2. Call Your Girlfriend by Robyn from her Body Talk album. We not only got the chance to see her perform at the White Party Palm Springs, on tour with Katy Perry, and then saw her DJ at a small venue in Dallas. Her dj sets were amazing. She only played one song of hers and that was Call Your Girlfriend and the mix of that was something that would make your natural ecstasy kick in. Sorry I do not have the official remix from Robyn but I was too busy “Dancing on my Own” and being the “Dance Hall Queen” to Shazam the mix.

3. Born This Way by Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga is always with us on the dancefloor and not only with this song but with the Edge of Glory and Judas which got a ton of dance play.

4. Til’ Death by Wynter Gordon from the With The Music I Die album. Wynter Gordon is not only a LOGO TV video favorite but she appeared at the White Party Palm Springs fabulously in 2011.

5. Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) by Katy Perry from her Teenage Dream Album. This rocked the dancefloors and it was everyones favorite song to get drunk and dance around to and not feel guilty. She also had E.T. which was great when it first came out but like most Katy Perry songs they lose their touch after being played 1 million times on the radio.

6. Higher with Taio Cruz // Better Than Today by Kylie Minogue from her Better than Today album. Kylie had the best tour of 2011 based on the male dancers. Hands down she had the hottest dancers and the best set of anyone. Britney and Nicki Minaj were also on tour and it was the best we have seen from Britney but Kylie wins this one on the hot dancers. We really enjoyed the Higher mix with Taio Cruz although some places did not realize there was a song with Kylie and it was much, much better! Kylie also had Put Your Hands Up If You Feel Love Tonight on the charts from her Aphrodite album.

7. You Haven’t Seen The Last of Me by Cher. This is yet another underplayed dance mix. It brought out more emotions than any other song of the year for me and it truly was amazing when she sung this in her Burlesque movie. Why was this not played much throughout the year on the dancefloors or was I not at the right clubs? It did rank number 33 on the Billboard Dance charts for the end of the year but still.

8. Hollywood Tonight by Michael Jackson – one of the most underplayed songs but you could hear it on MyflexRadio and some other great events. It should have gotten lots more play!!

9. Party Rock Anthem LMFAO was just the most exciting song on the dancefloor this year because of the shuffle that went along with it but we preferred the Sexy and I know It sequel to this song. Really loved the shuffle. Ke$ha Blow was also a hot hot dancefloor motivating song.

10. Til’ The World Ends by Britney Spears. You know this song will be played as the last song of the year on New Years’ Eve. What song would be better than to dance until the world ends into 2012.

Other hot songs of 2011 were
11. Good Girl by Alexis Jordan

12. Army of Love by Kerli

13. On The Floor with JLo

14. Raise Your Glass by Pink

15. Tonight, Tonight by Hot Chelle Rae

The most irritating songs of 2011 are pretty easy to name. They are the songs you hear all day on the radio then some girl at her bachelor party is at your club and has to go request it so you have to listen to it again probably 4 times in a day at least. BPM was really bad about overplaying the alloying Cinema song. Yes, dubstep was cool for awhile until it got annoying and DJ’s were trying to be creative with the alien sounds.

Worst Mixes of 2011

1. Cinema maybe this is the Skrillex remix which is way Overplayed on BPM. Enough is enough. Glad to see that Skrillex doing well on the Grammy nominations and all but I hope they have better stuff than what BPM intoxicates us with.

2. Hello by Martin Solveig and Dragonette. DJ’s really loved this song and I could never figure out why. You can kind of feel yourself dumb dancing to it but drink lots first. Make sure your body is numb like that Ke$ha song.

3. Adele. Enough said. Overplayed. We enjoy her music but maybe while were relaxing in bed. Yes, it makes some nice vocals but not after being played 1 million times again. Don’t we have our own fabulous gay divas to vocalize some mixes with?

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Pictured: Male dance group Kazaky

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