Michelle Williams Performs for Dallas Purple Party

We hit up the Dallas Purple Party main event last night at the House of Blues.  The event was in a way one of the most hyped events I have been to in awhile for the North Texas city.  You would see it as peoples facebook pictures and not even know who was commenting on fb sometimes because of the purple circle logo.  It was also awarded the best circuit party of the year from an online circuit forum “JustCircuit” which is also a sponsor of the event.  It seems like there is always something that is going on out of town such as Las Vegas pride or Splash that keeps me from attending the Purple party even though I spend a lot of time in Dallas.  I thought I would check it out due to all the past hype it had received and it was its 10 year anniversary.

We first get to the House of Blues and do not see any line or anything to get inside so get worried at first.  We get inside the event and finally see people so feel a little assured after paying $65 at the door and a $5 HOB ticketing fee.  I was pleased that we did not have to pay a more expensive cover at the door than the pre-sale of $65 at Nuvo that we missed out on.

Joe Gauthreaux was the DJ and he never disappoints. Hes an outstanding house DJ who plays vocals that keep the dancefloor grooving.  We knew we would hear good music but had no idea the acoustics would be so horrible.  It was the worst acoustics since the bombed Galveston Beach Ball about three years ago on Memorial Day weekend.  Actually that party may have had better sound.  This sound was not adequate for a major circuit event but this is normally related to the venue.

Lady Gaga ‘Bad romance’ came one with cheerleaders doing flips and turns and twists.  I thought I had walked into a pep rally or was it a Cancun Spring Break commercial.  It was not like a glee cheer leading squad such as the Cheerios but was not anything fierce you would want to see at a circuit party.  I ask where is the fierce-ness?  I will not deny there were a few hot guys up there even some hot blond twin boys who I would have loved to have seen dancing after the performance but they may have ran out of there after the next blunder.

Michelle Williams took the stage earlier than we expected.  She was on stage singing survivor and there was not much warning for her to appear.  Normally at these things they will not appear on stage until 1am or 2am.  The White Party in Palm Springs acts do not come on until 1:50 or so to keep people waiting and guessing.  The former member of the diva group Destiny’s child sung ‘Survivor’ and another DC song before she broke out with one of my favorite dance songs of 2009, “We Break the Dawn.”  She almost seemed awkward up there without any dancers singing to the song because in the video it had some of the hottest dancers I have ever seen.  I had to replay “We Break the Dawn” a few hundred times to check out them hotties.  It was great seeing her live and she loved the crowd so much that she wanted to do another song that has not been officially out yet.  She asked a few times if the DJ had the song and they kept trying to play a beat to run her off stage like she was on the Grammy’s or something.   Update: This may have just been a communication problem with her manager with what tracks were played.  I do feel that she should have had backup dancers though.

We ended up leaving and going to s4 to dance a bit before the afterparty at what used to be the legendary Stark club in Dallas West End district.  Now called the Tunnel the fierce Power Infiniti worked it out for the sweaty crowd.  The sound was good and it was the perfect venue for the after hours event because it was close to the HOB.  They were only charging $20 for this so event.  I think next year I will just skip the main party and goto after hours if its at the HOB.  I’d rather see the main event at Club One (excuses) or a place that can get the music flowing better than HOB.

The Purple Party events benefit the AIDS Services of Dallas. It always makes you feel better even if you did not have the most amazing experience to know that part of your ticket went to a good organization or cause.  Although, I think we will have to pass next year and hit up Las Vegas pride, First Splash in Austin or another event the same weekend.

Closing Party

The Closing party was a fantastico event that was only $10 with DJ Paul Kraft and DJ Michael Tank at the newest club in Dallas.  The Brick which has state of the art lighting and sound system was quite impressive and even a patio for the smokers.  Read our full review on the Brick (note it is now open until 4am since the review). The event started out Friday night at the Lizard Lounge which is a legend in itself making two legendary venues for the event with the Stark Club.

Sad week in Dallas

While we are on the subject of the city of Dallas I should mention it has been a rather sad week here.  The gay community has been mourning the death of a bar owner who not only was an entrepreneur but a risk-taker opening up bars that changed the Dallas Scene.  The owner of the Tin Room and Drama Room was found dead exactly a week ago and if you have been in one of his establishments you can tell things are just not the same.   Our condolences go out to his friends and family and hope that his bars and his vision for the nightlife scene in this city continue. Marty Hershner was only 30 years old.

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