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Top 20 Dance Hit List April 2009

I feel like I say this every month that there is so much good music out there right now.  How ironic, I sound like a broken record. Fine I won’t say it this month but I am thinking it.  We have the re-mixes of old acts that have risen from the vinyl’s to digital such as Cher and Erasure.  This month the Perry twins also got accepted as Billboard reporters for the dance charts… that’s good news for us diva music fans.  April was an exciting month when it came to wicked events such as the White Party where Lady Gaga and a hot female dj stole the show along with the Perry Twins and Erasure’s Andy Bell!

  1. When Love Takes Over – Kelly Rowland mixed by David Guetta
  2. Love Game – Lady Gaga (Robots to Mars mix)
  3. Bad, Bad Boy – Perry Twins f. Niki Harris (DJ Escape & Dom Capello Club Mix)
  4. Spaceman  – The Killers (Tiesto)
  5. Beautiful U R – Deborah Cox (Yinon Yahel mix)
  6. Poker Face – Lady Gaga (Dirty Electro Mix)
  7. Always 2009 Remix – Erasure (Masterbeat exclusive)
  8. If You Seek Amy – Britney Spears (Flashlight Dance Remix)
  9. Boom Boom Remixed – Paul Lekakis (Boom Boom Boom let’s go back to my room so we can do it all night and you can make me feel right)  I remember a DJ once telling me this song was “too top 40” to play at the Wreck Room an afterhours club when they used to play a version on the radio back in the day.  Well its back biotches!
  10. Covergirl – RuPaul (Put the Bass in Your Walk) WORK IT!
  11. A Little Respect – Erasure Avantara Remix
  12. Love Sets You Free – Escape / Coluccio Club Mix
  13. Come Back To Me – Utada (Tony Moran) Also like the Seamus Haji mixes of the song
  14. Wrong – Depeche Mode (Alexander One Electromix)
  15. Boom – (Bimbo Jones Radio Edit)
  16. If U Leave – Musia Soulchild f. Mary J. Blige (Mig Vs. Rizzo Club Mix)
  17. Love Struck – (Tracy Young)
  18. Beautiful – Akon – (Tracy Young Monster Club Mix):  You realize it was Akon who helped discover Lady Gaga.  His entire album is amazing and is a must buy.
  19. My Life Would Suck Without You – Kelly Clarksen
  20. Day ‘N’ Nite  Kid Cudi  (Crookers Mix)
  21. Halo Beyonce
  22. Faxing Berlin – Deadmau5
  23. We Made You – Eminem: Even if you dislike Eminem you have to love this video and the beat is catchy.
  24. Don’t Trust Me (Shussh girl …. Do the Helen Keller and talk with your hips)
  25. Love is the Look – Kristine W: Word has it that Diva Kristine W has a new song coming out soon. We cannot wait to get our hands on that!

You might listen to KISS FM in your city or even listen to XM or Sirius Area or BPM or even the fierce Boys Town Live station online.  You might want to know that the Gay Internet Radio Live now has an I phone application you can listen to dance tunes and get the mixes from your iTunes or better yet click our Masterbeat link and buy the music!

Is it me or is the Jamie Foxx Featuring T-Pain song Blame it just not that great of a song.  I mean I expect something more from Jamie Foxx than that.  I thought he did a great job on American Idol the other night even though his advice got Matt Giraud kicked off of Idol.  Well maybe nothing could have saved Matt from Adam Lambert.  The Blame It song is just weak for Jamie Foxx’s talents though and the remixes just do not make good for club music.

As for hip hop music Flo Rida’s remake of a retro song Right Round is a fun song to dance to but did not quite make it in our top 20.  Soulja Boy Tell ’em Featuring Sammie Kiss me Thru The Phone is also a great song for some hip hop grinding.  I could not stand Soulja Boy last year when every club including gay clubs played it continuously to no end but after seeing the new video I am starting to like him more.

The Rainbow Pilgrimage

Looking over the top 100 chart-toppers on the Billboard charts I noticed an advertisement that we talked about before on this blog from NYC trying to gain gay tourists.  I found it strange it was listed on The Billboard Hot 100 chart since that is a mainstream chart or are somehow know it is a gay person viewing their website.  There is no way they could know that so I am sure they are just throwing up this ad on a music site that mentions some gay favored artists I imagine.

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