Who is really to blame for Nightclubs Closing? Part I of II

Picture this. You walk into a gay nightclub ready to set yourself free to good dance music hoping to not hear the overplayed top 5 songs unless it’s at least a good mix. You then hear the worst song possible that you have already heard 20 times on the radio earlier. You set down your drink and leave the gay bar then prance off to the straight bars playing the same crap. Are there any differences in gay and straight clubs anymore when it comes to music?

You’ll see the Dj’s posting about how clubs are closing down left and right on Facebook but have they actually dared to play any gay-friendly music during prime dance time lately? I realize the gay clubs are more open to bachelorette parties and twerking sisters and twink hags who may request ‘Despacito’ by Justin Bieber 100 times in one night. They are helping pay the rent when they order drinks. Were not exactly sure if their tipping the bartenders though. But still ‘Despacito’ must be played.

Are these same DJ’s bothering to do any research on music such as finding out the gay-friendly artists that could possibly do performances at the venue or who could be on the DANCE charts. Most gays could care less about the Billboard 200 or the Billboard charts unless its the Dance Charts. The Club Play has always been a great source to download amazing music or get idaas.

On the other hand we get it. On our Facebook page for gayPartyblog no one ever likes posts unless it involves a shirtless man in underwear. We actually had to remove most of the graphic men off of our site and lose traffic because Google Adsense didn’t allow it. We have rent to pay too. If people won’t even click on posts about something other than a shirtless guy or gogo dancer then why are we even on Facebook to begin with? We can certainly understand the DJ’s situation. Do people really follow pages to get the thirst trap they can’t get from Grindr or Tumblr?

This week the current top 10 songs include one that has been #1 for weeks. ‘Despacito’ Tied for Longest-Leading Hot 100 No. 1 of 2017 With 12th Week on Top tieing with Ed Sheeran and some song about a body. Both songs are being played in gay clubs but why not mix it up with the songs on the actual Club Play chart by Billboard. You you Google Billboard Club Play Songs you will see Miley Cyrus at #1 for Malibu. While this is not the best dance song in the world they damn well have good remixes to it and Miley has done a shit load for LGBT Youth. Also, some of the biggest names in the gay circuit scene are ranking such as Deborah Cox, DJ Tony Moran, and DJ Tracy Young. DJ Tracy Young has a song out called Peace, Love and Music which is an amazing and happy club song to dance to. All gay clubs should be playing this and supporting the artists.

Maybe it’s time we start playing gay music in the gay clubs again. we want to hear some Deborah Cox, Tracy Young, and DJ Tony Moran (also ranking in the top 10 dance). The Dj’s are partly to blame on what comes out the speakers but the managers also have content control over what songs they play at some venues. They might say to keep it with certain music but why not find a mix that makes everyone happy. That is where we go into part II of the club owners and managers ruining our very own gay scene.

Part of the generic music that has washed some of the gays away from nightlife are songs from say Bruno Mars. While DJ’s that we highly respect such as Dave Aude have came out with great remixes to his music and won a Grammy that doesn’t compensate for how it’s ultimately taken away our rainbows.

Where are the theme parties? You rarely see contests anymore or theme parties on the slower nights. They always want to focus on a Friday or Saturday night when most clubs are already busy. Do a party on a Thursday night when the club is dead. Tigerheat in LA does it every Thursday and fills a huge venue making it the biggest nightclub in LA and that is a gay event. While they do play tons of top 40 at least they know how to keep it gay and somehow not turn it into a bachelorette party.

Rich’s in San Diego knows how to do theme parties each week and keeps the music seperate in the front to the twerking mamma’s that wanna hear ‘Despacito’ 10 times in one night. The main dance floor of that club is one amazing place to be on a Friday or Saturday night. The same goes for their club in Houston where they have drag in the other room.

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