Mary J. Blige to Headline White Party Palm Springs 2012

The official announcement is coming later this week but we may just have to spill the beans first because of some leaks to us over the Winter Party Festival weekend. We hear that the White Party in Palm Springs will not have a mega-recording artist this year but someone that has certainly won awards and had her share of hits out. She is a woman who has been through ups and downs and had a lot of a think called “Drama”. She is a dance floor diva just like some of the other performers and knows how to move her groove at you. You could have guessed already with Mary J. Blige. Mary J. Blige’s latest single is “Mr. Wrong” ft. Drake and a few years ago she had “Be Without You” and “No Drama”. Both of these songs have been circuit party hits but can Mary J bring it to the crowd like we had in the last few spoiled years with Lady Gaga, Robyn, and Ke$ha?

Now keep in mind this is just assuming this gossip is true and the contracts may not even be signed yet. Remember last year everyone thought it would be Cher, Britney, or Adam Lambert performing and it ended up being Robyn which was great but disappointed some because of the over-teasing of the announcement. Let’s hope they do not make that same mistake this year. Keep in mind it was just a few weeks ago the White Party Miami was Facebook teasing that Madonna could appear at their legendary event just because she had Miami Tour dates during their official week. Do you think Madonna would stop into the White Party Miami without hitting up the Palm Springs music fest first? We know the Miami party cares nothing about live music.

While Mary J is great we would have liked to have seen maybe a Cher who has a new tour and new album coming out. Maybe possible to have an Adam Lambert appearance who also has a new album to promote. Would it not be cool to shock everyone and have a Le Ann Rimes or a Taylor Swift appear. Do something crazy? Even having a Deborah Cox on the pool stage or closing party would be phenomenal with all of her new music out.

I am excited about the all new 3D Dance Dome with Nina FLowers and Chad Jack. It will be a different non-traditional party in that respect. The White carpet arrivals hosted by Lisa Vanderpump for the main event Saturday night will make the celeb following queens get excited. The all-star Dj’s will be NERVO and Dave Aude. So let’s wait and see what the official announcement says from Jeffrey Sanker before we make our final decision.

Notable Facebook posts about performers who may be at the White Party also include Leona Lewis and Nicole Scherzinger.

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