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TwinkcollegeboyWe should just change this to mainly the Hells Kitchen night club scene although there is a few great finds still left in Chelsea area. It’s been a few years since we have been to NYC and that was on a pride weekend where the NYC scene was on fire with XL Nightclub and Splash competing for boys. Then we turn to 2014 where Splash has since closed and XL Nightclub changed over to BPM.

1508195_808056869257242_4585206299942343481_nWe thought it was just a name change at first but no it is more like a entire format change but one night of the week and that is Tuesday night for DJ Steve Sidewalk’s 18 and up night. That night you will find hot twink gogo dancers and a amateur contest where they can win $100 or whatever the potluck is for the night and we have seen it up to $1000 if someone shows up with the cash. BPM Nightclub that hosts the 18+ night only opens up the cabaret room but does have more of a stage available for dancing so its not a boring bar setting. The club which is located next door the OUT NYC hotel on 42nd and 10th has turned to a more hip hop and latin night for Saturdays called Uncut.

Friday nights in the big city were at the Berlin at the Providence club and that was just amazing with one gogo dancer that was so creative he was like the male version of Cher and Gaga put in one. They also had a fun drag show downstairs of this three level venue. It was the final night of this party and was not all that packed but was busy enough for a great time and the DJ was one of the best out of the time we were in town.

The new BoiParty night moves over to the Ritz Bar and Lounge this week from now on they will make it their HQ Fridays. The Ritz seems fun any night though it was a blast on Saturday night until the police showed up and made it where no one could get inside. It is definitely the place to be now that XL/BPM is no longer catering to the pop and gay dance crowd. It was hard to find the address for the Ritz in Google since everything in NYC is named that (you know putting on the Ritz) so it is 369 W 46th St. We just loved that place and they did not have the bitchy bartenders that the Berlin party and the NSA Party had…

So let’s talk about the NSA (No Strings Attached) party. It is a Thursday night party that is in a underground type setting with ceilings being my favorite part and the music. Here are their claims from their Facebook event page:
1. Buy 1 Get One Drinks Starting at 10:30pm: Ok, we arrived way after that time and the drinks were NOT buy 1 get one drinks. That is a flat out false advertisement that the bartender nor the manager would admit to… Maybe the promoter just puts it there for his friends? Strange. I at least would want to know the fine print that is NOT on the flyer because the drinks there are expensive and having two for one would have kept us there longer.
2. Some of the best DJ’s from NYC, LA and around the world have graced the decks of the DJ booth in this underground dance club: Agreed. Damn good music.
3. No cover, no attitude ever. Let loose, have fun, and never forget, there are No Strings Attached every Thursday night (and the morning after): Ok the no cover was nice. The attitude was high in this place as everyone was dressed up like they were going to prom instead of a nightclub. Yes, we saw some party divas but most were a little too dressy it felt more like a str8 bar than an underground club.
They did get nominated for Best Bar night in GLAM Awards and Best New Club Night by Odyssey New York so maybe we went on an off night…

Saturday nights we told you that XL Nightclub’s fun circuit nights went away so now NYC has VIVA Saturdays which were around when we hit the city up last time. They did have a patio open in the summer but it was closed this week. They book top circuit dj’s at this venue every week at Stage 48 in Hells Kitchen. DJ Steve Sidewalk is normally in the gogo dancing room upstairs and he also has been nominated for top DJ in NYC. VIVA is a party not to miss if you want to dance the night away like you’re at a circuit event.

vivasaturdaysnycWe also recommend The Ritz on Saturdays and the Monster. We had a blast over at the Monster as most think its just a piano bar but they have this underground thing going on downstairs with drag shows and dancing until 4am. It is across from the Stonewall Bar in the Chelsea area.
Speaking of Stonewall their dancer event upstairs on Sunday nights was at the least a bit interesting. The dancers were not very fit and were overly aggressive which would be ok if I were attracted to them. If all gogos could be that aggressive I could be more into it.

Cielo was a fun party for a Sunday night located over on 18 little west 12th street.  Great circuit like dance beats but a bit far from the HK area.  If you have a John Blair card you get in reduced cover or free depending on what time you get there.

Bottom line is it’s eat sleep rave repeat no matter what club closes or opens in Manhattan.

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